Request Funds

To qualify for funds from the Dickinson Support Assocation, organizations must:

  • Register for membership in the DSA.
  • Raise at least 50% of necessary funds or volunteer with the DSA or a combination of both.
  • Submit requests using the form below.
  • All requests for funding must be approved by the DSA board with notification to be sent afterwards to the general membership.

Other considerations: The Sports Department and Performing Arts Department requests may not exceed 40% of the DSA existing account balance. All other organizations’ requests for funding may not exceed 20% of the DSA existing account balance. The DSA will maintain a minimum account balance of $2,000 before approval of funding requests.

If an organization meets the guidelines above, DSA funding can be used to:
1.  Purchase necessary equipment or upgrade existing facilities.
2.  Help defray the expense of travel, lodging, or meals for special and unusual events.
3. Contribute to awards, prizes, and gifts for special school functions such as award ceremonies, graduation or class activities, homecoming activities, and banquets.
4. Fund annual scholarships.
5. Help purchase champion jackets for the members of any team or for individuals winning conference, county, or state championships.

For complete details, see Article X – Requests for Funding in the DSA bylaws. Questions? Use our contact form to send the DSA a message.

Make a Funding Request


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