Rockin’ and Rollin’ at After Prom

The Dickinson Support Association kept the party going for students on Friday, April 29!

Following the prom at The Waterfall Event Center in Claymont, students returned to JDHS to find it decked out in 1950s Rock ‘N Roll style! The entryway had a sock hop theme and there was a Crazy Catz Coat Check where students could check their fancy dress items after changing into more comfortable clothing.

The cafeteria had been transformed into the Dickinson Diner. The diner had a snack table with, among other items, a make-your-own sundae bar and a chocolate fountain from The Melting Pot.

Other highlights in the cafeteria were the photo booth and the loooong table of raffle prizes. Raffle winners were drawn at 1 a.m., and the students had to be present to win. This encouraged them to stay in our safe, fun, and supervised environment instead of heading out onto the roads. Student safety is one of the main goals of our after prom!

There was a “drive-in” movie theater next to the gym and the gym itself was filled with inflatables. The gym corridor hosted the JDHS Senior Hall of Fame, with senior portraits presented in the style of gold record plaques.

The students had a great time, and so did we! The DSA thanks everyone who helped put the after prom together over the last few months, and especially thanks those who stayed all night to help us pull it off! You rock!


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